HOMRICH has completed thousands of projects and is recognized as an industry leader in demolition, remediation, and environmental contracting. HOMRICH is using LTS CIVIL. HOMRICH, based in Detroit since 1964, has grown to become a leader among demolition contractors and is recognized as one of the premier environmental and demolition contractors in the industry. They have built their excellent reputation on a solid track record of safe, high-quality services and professional, on-time results. They have the specialized equipment and personnel to handle any size project from start to finish. Their vast experience, capabilities, and resources, such as Livegistics, enable them to effectively deliver on their promise to provide their clients the quality and value that they deserve. The services they provide include Total Demolition, Selective Demolition, Environmental Remediation, Asbestos & Lead Abatement, Asset Recovery, and Recycling.


HOMRICH has used Livegistics on most of their demolition projects in recent years. They began using Livegistics as a way to streamline the tracking process of all of their loads that were being hauled to and from sites. Tracking loads is typically done by paper and through radio communications but with Livegistics, it has made the process completely digital by web and mobile. HOMRICH endorses the versatility of Livegistics and that they are able to use it anywhere -from dumping sites, to recycling facilities, wherever they are, they are able to utilize Livegistics however they can.


One of the solutions that Livegistics solved was how HOMRICH reports their data and finances. Without Livegistics, HOMRICH was generating all of their data through paperwork and emails which was very difficult and would often have delays. Now, using Livegistics, they are able to generate their reports daily and efficiently. This allows HOMRICH to make decisions a lot quicker and process a lot more data in real time. With Livegistics being completely digital they are using less paper and it automates their ticketing generation process.


Real Time Reporting
With Livegistics, companies are able to report, view, and export data from anywhere and at anytime.

100% Digital Software
Livegistics is an 100% Digital Cloud-based software. Our software is built to keep our customer’s data secure and transparent. Project Dashboard LTS Civil has a project dashboard that allows project managers to set goals and keep track of their projects in real time and manage material movement.

Digital Ticket
Reconciliation Livegistics helps eliminate paperwork in the back office with LTS CIVIL’s ticket reconciliation feature. This helps companies make sure every ticket is accounted for.

“We’ve been using LESS PAPER and able to TRACK EVERYTHING through Livegistics” – Terry Potter, Homrich