Terese Ingram

Customer Solutions Specialist

Born in the City of Detroit, Terese is a product of St. Martin DePorres and Farmington High Schools. Her post high school education has been focused on marketing and customer service. Terese has a long track record with providing exceptional customer service with companies such as Quicken Loans and DTE Energy. Several years ago she also served as a Field Engineer for one of Metro Detroit’s largest demolition contractors. These experiences give her a very in-depth understanding of how to relate to customers in the construction industry. In a fast paced, production demanding environment, accessibility and solutions must go hand in hand.

“Every time…. No Exceptions….. No excuses. I learned that while working for some of the most successful corporations in the United States and I have applied that to my day to day interactions with customers. You have to have patience with technology. Technology is forever evolving and everyone doesn’t necessarily feel safe. You have to be their step by step guide until they’re comfortable.”

~ Terese Ingram





Thomas Bird

Chief Technology Officer

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Thomas would eventually migrate to Michigan after being adopted by a local family. After graduating from North Branch High School (North Branch, MI) he would go on to attend The University of Michigan Ann Arbor. A four year career in the Navy would see him be promoted from an E-1 to an E4 while also become a decorated team leader. Not long after leaving the service, Thomas would go on to begin a post service career as a Software Developer. Over the past decade he has been part of software development management teams servicing companies with thousands of employees, led solo projects building predictive analysis software products that serviced Fortune 500 companies, amongst other things.

“Technology is ever changing and constantly progressing with the ability to make the lives of its users better. It has the power to fuel innovation and breed creativity. In a world where people are otherwise disconnected by distance and circumstance, technology brings them together and gives them the opportunity to stay connected. Technology incorporates skill with problem-solving and perseverance. It equips its users with a wealth of knowledge about the technical world, as well as the resources we can apply to keep improving the tools that are used in our everyday lives. With technology comes limitless possibilities! My appreciation for technology motivates me to create interactive experiences that not only engage users, but provide them with practical tools and automated processes that ultimately improve their lives. When I think about technology, I think about accessibility, convenience, and simplicity. At the same time, I understand the importance of privacy and the responsibility of ensuring safe practices. Seeing the direct impact of my own contributions and the opportunities that technology provides inspires me to continue learning the latest trends and passing along best practices that will impact future generations.”

~ Thomas Bird